CHILLING Photos of OJ Simpson Emerge

Chilling photos of disgraced NFL star OJ Simpson that were taken hours after the armed robbery he committed in 2007 that put him in prison for nine years.

Daily Mail reported that the photos were taken on September 13, 2007,  and they show Simpson drinking at night clubs as his ex-girlfriend and her friend hang from his neck and sit on his lap. They were taken hours after Simpson and his friends stormed a room at the Palace Station hotel in Las Vegas to take memorabilia he believed was rightfully his but that had been “stolen” from him.

Simpson was arrested for armed robbery on September 16. One day earlier, he served as best man for his friend Thomas Scotto at the Little White Chapel. Photos show him celebrating with champagne in the back of a limo and holding the bride’s bouquet.

It was Scotto’s wedding that brought Simpson to Las Vegas for that fateful weekend. Scotto was one of Simpson’s only friends that stood by him after he was found liable for the 1995 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

Simpson spent the past nine years in prison for the armed robbery and kidnapping that took place after the wedding. He was just released on parole earlier this month, much to the dismay of the American public.

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