Appeals Court Just Officially Gave Obama Voter Fraud Judge Some VERY BAD News — Liberals are STUNNED!

Obama’s judges routinely put politics over the law. As liberals, they know they can’t win in the realm of ideas, so they have to cheat and do whatever they can to tilt the table in their favor. Such is the case with the new voter fraud law passed in Texas…

On September 6, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals gave President Trump and voter legitimacy a victory when it slapped down a prior activist judge’s attempt to stop a proposed Texas law demanding ID when someone votes reports the Daily Caller.

It only made sense. One needs to show ID to rent a car, board a plane, check in to a hotel, and enter a court house. Why would the request for an ID before one carries out one of our most sacred duties be unacceptable?

Circuit Judges Jerry Smith and Jennifer Walker Elrod, who ruled on the case, said in a statement, “The State has made a strong showing that it is likely to succeed on the merits. SB 5 [Texas Voter ID law] allows voters without qualifying photo ID to cast regular ballots by executing a declaration that they face a reasonable impediment to obtaining qualifying photo ID. This declaration is made under the penalty of perjury.”

The Left, along with the Obama judge who tried to halt the law, have been left reeling. Expect more street protests.